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  • What is your name and how long have you been going to Up and Running?

    My Name is Katelin and I have been going to Up and Running since 2013.

    What brought you to Up and Running originally?

    I was planning a 5k benefitting the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.  This is a third-party Wage Hope My Way event called A Force Against Cancer.  I was volunteering my time to plan this 5k in remembrance of my grandma that passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. I spent many afternoons just going door to door of local businesses hoping to get involvement through sponsors, raffles, or donations. Up and Running was different from all the businesses I had visited because they wanted to be a part of the event.  This cause mattered to them and to the staff that had a personal relationship with this terrible disease. They were such a blessing to me and the event and here we are 10 years later and the 5k has been able to raise over $107,000 for Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

    How is Up and Running different than other retailers in your area?

    You can go to Up and Running and find great retail items and friendly staff but the biggest thing that makes them different is the sense of community. It's an amazing group of staff members mixed with community members from every walk of life that come together to volunteer at events, cheer you on so that you can make it to the next water stop during the run group or that you can make it up that hill in the bike group.  These days you have lots of retailers to choose from but it's the one that you see their name doing good in the community that sets them apart and that is Up and Running. 

    What's one of the most memorable experiences you've had with Up and Running (volunteering, at an event or a group run, or whatever comes to mind)?

    I have participated in the run and bike groups, and I have made great friendships.  The beginner triathlon group was my most memorable. The trainers were amazing and so helpful; I had a great time and because of that program I have participated in many triathlons since.

    Why is it important to you to give back to your community?

    I have always enjoyed volunteering for various causes since I was younger; volunteering gives me a sense of purpose. Since starting this 5k I have heard so many stories about loved ones that have been lost to Pancreatic Cancer.  To have an event benefiting the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network in Dayton has meant a lot to the community.  It gives them a day to come together remembering their loved ones with others in the community that have had a similar experience. It helps people to not feel alone when you come together like this. Seeing and hearing from the community members that a singular day can mean so much to them is the reason I do this. While this is a one-day event the funds we raise make such a difference to Pancreatic Cancer Action Network to fund their own research grants. These keep the precision promise clinical trial, early detection initiative, know your tumor and many more amazing clinical projects going. I think it's important for everyone to give back to your community; it's the only way we can make change.

    A Force Against Cancer 5K

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