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  • The Up and Running Fit Process


    Our Footwear Fit Process

    The type of running or walking shoe you should look for is best determined by knowing your biomechanics. You cant see what your foot is doing when you are in motion, but our experienced staff can! Our three step fitting process will find the right shoe for your foot.

    1. Foot Analysis
    We have you remove your shoes and socks yes, we want to see and feel your feet. We check for abnormalities, discuss any aches or pains you may be experiencing and take measurements with a brannock device. We also scan your foot on our 3D Superfeet foot scanner to further look into the dimensions of your foot and your type of arch. This will determine the type of shoe needed for your specific type of gait, body type and workout.

    2. Shoe Selection
    We provide you with several footwear options. You try them on, walk or run on the treadmill or the sidewalk, and tell us which ones feel best to you. Well take care of figuring out the right size, amount of stability, and cushioning. You take care of telling us what feels the most comfortable on your feet!

    3. Fit/Support Evaluation
    At times, our fitting process extends beyond shoes to insoles. We offer the knowledge to properly fit your shoe with an insole based on your foot type. Whether you have a high rigid arch or a low flexible arch, we may suggest an insole for your shoe. The Aetrex, Superfeet, Powerstep and Currex brands of insoles enhance the fit and customization of any shoe.

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    Our Bra Fit Process

    Most women have not been properly fitted in their regular bra, much less their sports bra! The correct sports bra is the second most important piece of equipment for the active woman. Up and Running utilizes a specific measuring process. Similar to our shoe fitting process, we take measurements and analyze your needs, then provide you with options to try in the privacy of a dressing room. Further information is available inside the dressing room for those wishing to fit themselves.

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