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  • Up and Running in Troy Women's Health Day at Up and Running In Troy

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    Up and Running in Troy Women's Health Day at Up and Running In Troy

    Oct 11th 09:00 AM

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    Up and Running In Troy
    769 West Market St.
    Troy OH, 45373

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    October 11th Up and Running in Troy 

    • 9am-5pm Premier Health Mobile Mammogram in the Up and Running Troy parking lot.  To schedule your appointment please call (855)-887-7364.  Need Help Paying for your mammogram?  Contact the Breast and Cervical Cancer Project to see if you are eligible:  Call toll-free (866) 838-8973.

    If you haven't had your mammogram in the last 12 months, here's your chance.  You'll experience the same quality, technology, and comfort that's available at Premier's breast center.  Images are reviewed by board-certifited radiologists from Atrium Medical Center.  No doctor's order is needed for a screening mammogram for women 40 and over.  

    • 4:30pm-7:30pm Brooks Bra Fittings at Up and Running in Troy

    Our Brooks representative and UAR staff will be on site to take you thorugh a personalized bra fitting.  A properly fitting bra is just as important as a properly fitting shoe!  Make sure you are in the proper size and support level and get rid of those old stretched out bras in your dresser!  

    • Women's Run/Walk at Up and Running in Troy 6pm-7pm

    Grab a girlfriend and join us for our run/walk group!  You will have the opportunity to try Brooks demo bras and shoes out during your workout.  Mingle after for a bit of fun and or take advantage of our personalized bra fittings.


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